We Provide Cutting-Edge Analytics
and Threat Detection.


Reduction in
False positive

4x - 5x

increase in
use cases


increase in
overall efficinecy

The NexThreat Difference Begins With Its Consultants.

  • Cyber Threat Hunting
    Find hidden threats earlier on
  • Insider threat detection
    Circumvent attacks earlier on
  • Continuous Monitoring
    Monitoring your security
  • Compliance Support
    Customized solution to your needs
  • Incident Response
    Professional response team

Our goal for cyber threat hunting is to be proactive. We search your network in an ongoing, iterative process, allowing us to quickly detect and respond to attacks— even sophisticated, advanced threats.

No matter how good the preventative security measures, just about every network has hidden threats. If you wait for them to cause damage before you address them, you have a big problem. Cyber threat hunting helps us to find hidden threats early on.

Since employees and contractors have access to your organization’s primary security mechanisms, these people have a significant advantage over outside threats. Insider threats are a very real problem, and they can be difficult to defend against.

At NexThreat, we build insider threat solutions that work. Old tactics are mostly ineffective, as they tend not to locate the insider threat until the damage has been done. We build innovative solutions to circumvent attacks earlier on.

Continuous monitoring is essential in today’s world, and it is increasingly considered to be the only way to protect your organization’s information. Even frequent point-in-time audits are rarely enough, as an attack could cause a lot of damage in between audits.

Just as your home or vehicle is more secure when it is locked all of the time, rather than only part of the time… monitoring your security constantly is best, because you never know when a security breach could occur.

We know that it’s difficult to simultaneously remain compliant while also focusing on the core of your business. With NexThreat’s compliance support, you can take those matters out of your hands and focus on your business instead.

Since every organization is different when it comes to compliance, we offer customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Attacks happen, so incident response is a necessary evil. NexThreat can help you recover rapidly with a minimal amount of time and stress on your part. Our consultants will help you capture threat activity and respond and remediate faster, so you can get back to business.

With a professional incident response team, you can greatly reduce the damage of data breaches and attacks.

No matter how advanced your software is, there is no security tool in existence that can detect all attacks. However, with a dedicated and experienced team behind those tools, your organization can rise to the challenges. Instead of consuming intelligence, you can begin to produce intelligence.

NexThreat was founded on this way of thinking, and we work diligently to show the value of our way of thought to our clients. We believe that assisting our partners in achieving long-term success is the best way to achieve success ourselves.