We Provide Cutting-Edge Analytics
and Threat Detection.


Reduction in
False positive

4x - 5x

increase in
use cases


increase in
overall efficinecy


  • Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation
  • Insider Threat and Hunt Teams
  • Security Operations and Incident Response
  • Cloud and IT Modernization
  • Compliance Automation

NexThreat is the leader among SDVOSBs, directing CDM task areas across multiple federal agencies. We bring our unique capabilities, Data Expertise and programmatic CDM experience to provide knowledge of your risk exposure and propose proactive strategies to reduce those risks.

NexThreat is an awarding-winning creator of Insider Threat Detection programs. Our analytics provide real-time awareness of threats so you can protect your organization and prevent becoming a headline.

Managing and operating best in class Security Operations programs is core to the NexThreat mission. Effectively leveraging available assets and systems turns big data into big results.

As the industry continues its shift to Cloud and IT Modernization, maintaining required security boundaries and protection is a difficult challenge. NexThreat assists multiple federal agencies in modernizing their operations and keeping them secure.

NexThreat designs solutions for industry-leading SIEM platforms such as Splunk, ArcSight, QRadar, and Elastic to create and enhance their compliance automation solutions.

No matter how advanced your software is, there is no security tool in existence that can detect all attacks. However, with a dedicated and experienced team behind those tools, your organization can rise to the challenges. Instead of consuming intelligence, you can begin to produce intelligence.

NexThreat was founded on this way of thinking, and we work diligently to show the value of our way of thought to our clients. We believe that assisting our partners in achieving long-term success is the best way to achieve success ourselves.